Monday, July 8, 2013

2 Welcome O Ramadan

Alhamdulillah, Happy and thankful to my beloved creator for giving us another chance of Ramadan the blessed month to purify ourselves. The honored guest whom we are eager to welcome. 

I know that this Ramadan is going to be completely different for me with 4 little ones. I would like to exert myself in terms of my own ibadaah, but I have to attend the needs of my young ones who depend on me. By the mercy of Allah we can be rewarded for our intentions even if we are unable to carry out the actions. So, I couldn't put a Ramadan plan, have to workout on how the situation is. Insha Allah, I'll try my best to spend more time in Quran. 

By the grace of Allah, kids (Big Sister & Little Princess) are well prepared for Ramadan, we discussed a lot about the virtues of Ramadan, what should be done during Ramadan, which actions should be avoided and why Ramadan is given for us, also the special door of Raiyyan which is prepared for those who fast. And finally I told them, if we live the whole life like how we live in Ramadan we'll be happy when we meet Allah like the day we are happy when we see the moon of Eid. 

Alhadmullah they have decorated the house to welcome Ramadan, as the Jannah is decorated for those who fast. the top picture was done by Little Princess. Insha Allah trying to make her to fast this year.

Big Sister's decoration
My little man (Little Soldier) is familiar with the word "Ramadan" only in word but wants to munch every time :)

Little Princess's Ramadan chain, each strip is removed each day, by the end of the month chain will be completed and she knows that Ramadan has 29 or 30 days.

Our simple Ramadan gift pouch. Prepared just to encourage young ones.

Leaflet was done by Big Sister for the gift pouches

Lovely little badges designed by hubby.

 Oh Allah, help us to spend this Ramadan in complete submission and worship to you, also help us to celebrate this Ramadan as our last, So we may be able to put all our efforts into pleasing you!


  1. Mashallah you have organized everything very neat and tidy, with four kids, although I have two, I couldn't manage my time, specially in Ramadan. May Allah make Barakah in our time. munching soldier's Masjid is cute, Big Sis decoration is colorful. and princess's chain is a wonderful idea.

    1. Salams sis, As you say getting time is the toughest part. Alhamdulillah my dear girl "Big sister" is very helpful when it comes to group work, especially for decorations.
      May Allah accept our fasting and all other Ibadaas.
      Baarakallahe feek