Sunday, September 28, 2014

1 Zul Hijjah 1435 Activities

Alhamdulillah, It is great bounty of Allah that he grants us opportunities to reform ourselves and renew our Iman by granting us some special occasions and months as he is The Most Generous. I thank Allah for granting us the chance of reaching the month of Zulhijjah this year too, whereas most of our sisters are not among us this year.

Allah mentions the virtue of these 10 nights in the beginning of Sura fajr and Numerous Ahaadeeth mentioning its virtues Subhanallah!  These days reminds us the sacrifices of the friend of Allah Ibraheem عليه السلام. It is a great pleasure to discuss the stories of Ambiyas with kids and to make them understand that success of both world lies in total obedience to the commands of Allah.

Masha Allah my kids have grown and each one needs the story in different angle according to their ages. Yes, it is exciting and interesting to watch them how they understand and grab it. There is nothing more valuable than nurturing their hearts with Imani stories which is going to provide them support throughout their lives Insha Allah. 
The elder girls worked with this bulletin board which mentions the virtues of the first 10 days of Zulhijjah, Thakbeer-e- Thashreek, The qurbani meat, Sunnahs of Eid and Hajj day by day rituals by our dear sister Umm-an-Numan.

And the bulletin board in the first of the post is our little soldier’s, all the subject in pictures as the little boy has not yet started reading.

Then comes the “I am learning about hajj” a wonderful game for little ones. This is for our little sister who is quite advanced and in the middle of all our activities, repeating words and imitating her siblings.
Finally I made the girls to write an essay on what they learned. This is what they wrote.
It is what we have done so far. The time passes so swiftly and I have so much in my head to do… May Allah grant us the ability to practice whatever we learned and accept the good deeds we do!

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