Sunday, December 7, 2014

0 The Whole-Brain Child (Book Review)

I thank the Rabb of the universe for guiding me. This is a wonderful book that is very useful and amazing.

Each and every parents are often experts about their children’s bodies. They know that a temperature above 98.6 degrees is a fever. They know to clean out a cut so it doesn’t get infected. They know which foods are most likely to leave their child wired before bedtime.
But even the most caring best educated parents often lack basic information about their child’s brain. Isn’t this surprising?

Hope this book will be a very effective tool for every parents as it did for me to understand what a child goes through in each stage of his life. There are numerous marvelous points which opened up my eyes Subhanallah!  I will try to share just a few points to show that how much it is important to raise a whole brain child.

By raising a whole-brain child we are actually offering our future grandchildren an important gift. Let us close our eyes for a moment and imagine our child holding his child and realize the power of what we are passing on. And it won’t stop there, our grandchildren can take what they learnt from their parents and pass it future along as a continuing legacy of joy and happiness Insha Allah. This is how we integrate our lives across the generation.

The great news the whole-brain child offers is that even the hard times we go through with our kids, even the mistakes we make as parent, are opportunities to help our children grow, learn, and develop into people who are happy, healthy and fully themselves Insha Allah.

Rather than ignoring their big emotions or distracting them from their struggles, we can nurture their whole brain, walking with them through their challenges.

It is nothing to put too much pressure on ourselves. The important point is taking advantage of the moment we have with our kids and remain aware of the daily opportunities to nurture our kids’ development. But that doesn’t mean we have to constantly be talking about the brain. It is important to relax and have fun together. And yes, sometimes it is even okay to leave a teachable moment pass by.

This is what the beloved Prophet of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم did with the young Sahabas رضى لله عنهم, fianally who were able to carry the Deen of Allah across the globe fully prepared to face the challenges. 

I hope that what I have shared will inspire the readers to go through the book to get an amazing idea of the whole-brain process Insha Allah.

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