Thursday, September 22, 2016

2 Silent Fighter (Irfan Hafiz) Book Review

Subhanallah, Indeed, we are really blessed with many blessings which we take it for granted. Being blessed physically is one of the greatest blessing that most of us don’t understand, and we only realize it once any defect occurs. (May Allah grant us all good health!)

It is amazing to see people who inspire the world despite great tests from Allah, which they take is as a blessing. Masha Allah. Only a person of real faith can overcome the tests with a positive mind and inspire the world with the awesome gifts that Allah has provided them.

One of the inspirational human we came across in this regard was brother Irfan Hafiz, a DMD patient, which is one of the rarest disease in the world. Subhanallah, a shining example for each of us. This brother is mentioning each and every step of his life in his book "Silent Thoughts” as a blessing from Allah. Subhanallah!

The stories were really heart melting and moving to tears. Lying in the bed for 16 years unable to move the limbs and creating such a wonderful work is to be highly appreciated. Hope that it is an excellent example for many families. Some of this brother’s golden qualities are worth to be inculcated in our own lives. Being positive and an optimist, not giving up, quest for knowledge, being content and grateful to the blessings of Allah, most of all accepting the decree of Allah whole heatedly and happily etc... WONDERFUL.

What I felt after reading his books was all about the emotional support he gets from his family. I’m a person who strongly believe that emotions play a critical role in one’s life. His mom ‘s story was so wonderful and impressive for me and an excellent model for every mum on how to handle the most unbearable grief and problems in an awesome way, and his father’s stories too were amazing Masha Allah.

Each and every one of the family have taken this sickness as a blessing and not as a curse…. Subhanallah, NOT AN EASY JOB. May Allah accept you all!

The wear out of the book shows how interesting and sounds real that our kids loved reading it again and again.

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  2. Masha Allah, my Almighty Allah bless you brother, and Allah that put you this sickness he knows why he deed it for you, in sha Allah its a lesson for us, May Allah grant you Aljannah Firdausi both you and entire of your families