Sunday, December 15, 2013

0 Fabric Arabic Alphabet Book

This is a little gift from Ummi to our wonderful "Little Sister" who has bought so much joy to our family and is adored by all.

Subhanallah, the days are passing so quickly that my little girl is almost reaching her one year Insha Allah. Not just one year let many years pass, but still I can remember all 4 of my birth experiences in vivid detail for the rest of my life Insha Allah.

Masha Allah, Little Sister is picking up things well, quite advanced and wants to do what her siblings are doing. Imitate reading, writing and reciting. She always grabs her brother’s qaaidha whenever he is reciting and makes funny sounds, as if she is trying to pronounce the alphabets Baa, Thaa and aaf for alif LOL! Tearing and folding poor boys Quran. So I thought of sewing this lovely fabric alphabet book for my little girl. She can do whatever she likes (no worries of tearing or hurting the eyes with laminated edges) I used all the stuff what was available at home and inserted some plastic bags to make some crunching sounds when she turns the pages. The “H” inside the heart is the initial letter of her name which shows the unique ownership of her book.


Though it was a time taking job I am glad that she loves it so much and she has lots of little teachers to teach her (her siblings).

I do hope that this would be the foundation for her to recite the words of my beloved lord in future Insha Allah, which is going to be an everlasting reward for parents even after our death. Indeed life is not a real life when there is no motive behind it, and the wisest motive is to leave behind something which will give us success in both worlds (Pious children).

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