Wednesday, January 29, 2014

0 Mini Chef - Fruit Rice

Oh! The kitchen is messed up with two young chefs. It was not a planned cookery day; we had some fruits and wanted to make something different with kids as I have not done any extra activities with them for last few months other than daily school lessons because I was stuck up with some of my midwifery class stuff.

Training children how to prepare simple meal for themselves is a part of homeschooling; obviously this isn’t something a 5 or 6 year old should do. The great news is that we can count this toward our required school hours since preparing meals is a life skill.

We had green apples, mango and pineapple any fruits of your choice can be used and colorful fruits will add up the beauty.
Big sister and little princess chopped the fruits into cubes and these are the other items we used:

Yes, this is what the young cooks prepared and they enjoyed it well’ the fruity rice” Masha Allah.
I used my precious wooden spoon to serve them. I value it so much because it was carved by hubby and gifted to me. Here is a full picture of it