Wednesday, June 17, 2015

0 Ramadan 1436 (2015)

Subhanallah! We are awaiting for a great month, a most blessed month, in which is a night greater in values and goodness than a thousand months.
Kids are happy to meet the valuable month with their awesome bulletin board to be filled each day Insha Allah.

Sometimes it feels bored to make same kind of projects again and again but, these kinds of activities really makes it interesting for them to spend their time usefully in this blessed month for the purpose of filling the blanks to compete with each other as it will be displayed in the board. Also the activities may be the first time for my younger ones.

The Quran tree is with thirty leaves to be colored each day for each Juz Big sister has completed. The first juz leaf is colored with the hope that she will do it Insha Allah.

Then the Salwath and Dhikr chart to be filled by both, Big sister and Little princess. The things that nullify the fast and the Ramadan verbs are from dear sister Umm Maimunas Ramadan acivity pack which we used last year and thought that it will be familiar for them when it is visible in the board.

Little princess has to translate and fill each verb as she learns and the Saum tracker basket is to track how many she has fasted. Hope that the basket will be full with yummy cherries at the end of the month Insha Allah.
Oh, this is my little soldier’s beautiful Ramadan tracker in a car as the little boy is mad with cars. He is always curious, asking me how many days are left for Ramadan, and I know that he is going to repeat the same question with me asking how many days are left for eid to test my patience with my fast.
Yes, now he himself can have the track of the days Insha Allah.

Finally, our cute little sister’s lovely Ramadan balloon just to make her happy as she wants to do something when her siblings do.
May Allah help us reach this blessed month with sound health and fulfill our Ibadas in a way that will please our Lord!

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