Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4 Year 02 Curriculum Books

Quran: Almost in her final stage to complete the first time completion of the Holy Quran. Hifz: Juz Tabaarak.

Islamic Studies:  Tasheel syllabus Year-02  by Talimi Board KZN
01- Tas-heelul Aqaaid
02- Tas-heelul Ahaadeeth
03- Tas-heelul Akhlaaq Wal Aadaab
04- Tas-heelul Fiqh
05- Tas-heelut- Taareekh
06- Tas-heelud Duaa


Active English Book-03 and Workbook 03 (Oxford Press) 

Usborne Guide to Better English
The Spelling Teacher's Lesson-a-day 
Banish Boring Words 
(Above 3 books were stated in Year 02 which will be continued in following years)

Arabic Language

Gateway to Arabic 2 by Dr Imran Hamza Alawiye



New Science in Everyday Life Class 1 & 2

Starting Geography Class 3

Vikas Drawing & Coloring 3


  1. Assalamu Alaikum ;)
    Alhamdulillah glad to know that Big Sister is completing Hifz and her grade (Hooray!!! Big Sis). Mashallah she is growing too. Say my Salams to Big Sis, Little Princess and specially to Little Soldier. I'll meet you soon Inshallah.

  2. Wa alaykum salam

    Jazakillah for your kind words. Kind replies to you from all my
    Kids. Big sister is very happy on your comment. :)

  3. Assaalaamu Alaikum,
    Great progress with Hifdhl. Allaahu Baarik Laha, Maashaa Allaah she has grown to be in Year 2. May Allaah increase her in every goodness. The books you have chosen for Geography, English and Science look interesting. It will be nice if you can picture some pages from inside and give us a review Inshaa Allaah.

    1. Wa alaykum Salam,

      Alhamdulillah. She is in Year 3 now. We post the curriculum books after completing each year. Insha allah will give some reviews and inner pages very soon. Jazakillah for your kind suggestion. Love and Salams for Maimunah from me and kids.:)