Monday, November 18, 2013

1 First Day of Little Soldier

A little man with his white thobe stepped into our classroom, A new student to our homeschool, Who is it….. OH, It is our little soldier, The future great soldier of Islam Insha Allah.

What a joy is the first day of school… Yes, All of us knew it! similarly our little soldier’s my dear son’s first day was too. Though he is quite advanced in other activities and is with us during class hours, formal education just started. I have to use different techniques to handle this curious fellow as my previous both students are girls. LOL

We celebrated his first day of school with some decorations and balloons and the little boy was very happy. As we started our class I asked him what he wants to learn, This is what he said “I WANT TO LEARN ALABIC” Alabic means Arabic in his language :) . As he is interested in Arabic I thought of introducing two words per week Insha Allah.

I hang up the picture that he colors on the bulletin board for few days until he is familiar with the word.

Here is our home made bulletin board with our little soldier’s colored picture of the week and some of Little Princess’s activities.

Our classroom is now so busy with three students of different ages and between them my ten month old pretty little girl crawling, climbing, grabbing books and messing up the whole class.

I spend a serious time with each one of them explaining the lessons and make the others busy with some easy lessons which can be done without my help while I am busy with one of them, And the rest of the lessons are planned depending on how the day is.

As we are homeschoolers we are free to learn at any time we wish YEH!

This is a journey of serious undertaking that any parents has the potential to do successfully, it takes dedication and creativity. Though it is challenging the rewards are many Insha Allah.

Indeed a great responsibility rests upon the shoulders of every parent on raising up good Muslims. A great  Ummah  of Islam,. As family is the original educational incubator that either breathes life into it or kills the nature.(Fitra)

This year's journal with our 6 members of the family :) 

May Allah bless us and our offspring with real education which transforms the mind into a new mind and turns the heart into a heart that is filled with the love of Allah and spirit of Islam!

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  1. Hooray!!! welcome little soldier!!!
    from me & $weety.