Thursday, November 28, 2013

1 Volcano Project

It was a humdrum Sunday morning and kids wanted to do something interesting…. I was wondering what to do and finally came up with this idea of volcano eruption experiment from Aunty Janice’s impressive Book of Super Science Models.

Here is what we used for the activity. Did a volcano model with sand with a bottle in the middle and then Mixed up some red paint with vinegar as we didn’t have red dye and a little bit of dish washing liquid and poured it into the bottle inside the volcano and finally added some baking soda and this is what happened… The volcano eruption and the lava flow.

It was very exciting and interesting for kids as they could see the reaction within few minutes, YEH the boring Sunday is now interesting.

We ended up with the backboard display activity of volcano done by Big Sister. She wrote down the Quranic verse on the title strip, Subhanallah the Quran speaks about every miracles and aspects of present, past and future in detail.

What a great pleasure to spend time with different ages of kids talking, listening and discussing together and getting to know their innocent feelings and great ideas.

May Almighty be pleased with all what we do !

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  1. Asalamualaikum,
    The volcano poster looks great mashallah. The classic volcano oldie, but a goodie! I'm saving this for when the kids will appreciate it the most. They're old enough now I guess...must try it soon inshallah.