Thursday, June 26, 2014

0 Ramadan Prep 1435

Subhanallah, we are here after a long time. Though I couldn’t post anything in my blog we were doing our activities and studies Alhamdulillah. The days were hectic due to some other reasons and my son is also throwing tantrums wanting my total attention.

Qaddarallah, whatever it may be as a Muslim we do have the belief that whatever befalls us is the divine decree and we have to build up our courage and proceed for our Aakhirah along with it.

Alhamdulillah, we are glad to meet another Ramadan and let Allah bless us to achieve what he expect from us through this month. We made a Ramadan bulletin board with the duas to be recited during Ramadan, Oh! If not I’ve to spend half of my energy reminding each one of them the duas. LOL… the tracing and coloring was done by Big sister. The Ramadan calendar dates will be added each day by Little princess so, they will know how many days have passed and how many more days are left to do more and more good deeds in order to get closer to the creator in this great month.
I know that time is passing so swiftly and I have to spare my precious little time I’ll get for my Quran, no time for crafts and activities during Ramadan.
And then both of them wrote down their plans how they are going to spend their days in Ramadan. GREAT…. If they follow up their plans. Little princess is turning six around in few months’ time Insha Allah, she is hoping to fast the whole month. The option is hers, no force, no discouragement.

My boy” little soldier” wanted to participate in the activities too, he did the Ramadan pronunciation in Arabic and decorated it. I know that little boy don’t have the idea of fasting at all but always wants to take part in Ifthaar…
Finally I pray that let Allah Th’ala guide us in the straight path and bless us with Baraka in our time for our Ibadah! And most importantly let our good deeds be accepted by the Almighty, if not we will be the ultimate losers, may Allah save us!

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