Monday, March 10, 2014

0 Moon Sighting

As we all know moon sighting is an important aspect in Islam to determine the months and most of other Islamic obligations and rulings.

Last Sunday was the day for sighting the moon for the month of Jumadhal Ula. Usually hubby goes for sighting whenever it is possible for him, this time kids were insisting to take them as it was a Sunday.

It changed into a family moon sighting day, They wanted to join Abi for the task.

For me it was a first-hand experience and it took few minutes for me to identify the moon because it is just a blade of curve. The best part is Big Sister could see it long before me. The other kids were too small for it and they enjoyed playing and having fun watching kites fly high in the calm breeze.

Fascinating thing for me is, it is a part of homeschooling as it is considered to be developing new skills and observations.

The days and months are passing and we are getting closer and closer for death,

May the day that we meet our Lord be the best of our days!

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