Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1 The Day My Dream Came True!

Is it a matter that is going to happen…? Will my kids get an opportunity to get together and share their emotions with other homeschooling kids as I see in other countries…? What about my kids feeling that they are the only ones who are at home…

These were the thoughts that I was going through since I was homeschooling them.

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah my dream came alive and we had our homeschooling workshop last Sunday with 7-8 families who are homeschooling their kids. Masha Allah it was awesome and kids enjoyed a lot.
Indeed, it was something that I never imagined of, due to the fact that the challenges I faced in our society was as intense as homeschooling being very rare.

The problem is that the lack of understanding of what is parenting and what is the role a parent plays in educating their children. Concept of whole child approach (physical, intellectual& spiritual development) is not at all considered to be important than the lesson plans. And it’s a deep subject which cannot be explained in detail whereas it is a subject that each parent should educate themselves before they bear this great Amaanath of raising kids.

I prepared a Powerpoint presentation with some important features to make us understand why we are doing this and I whole heartedly thank hubby for his designing and helping me. Jazakallah 

Kids prepared cards in order to remember their first joy of homeschooling get together while we were doing our program.

And then we had our quiz session where each mother had to ask questions for kids age around 6-8 to bring an enthusiasm among them. The questions:-

  1. How many surahs are there in the Quran?
  2. What is the planet we live in?
  3. Where was Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم born?
  4. Which creation of Allah gives us light and heat?
  5. What are the five pillars of Islam?
  6. How many letter are there in English alphabet?
  7. What was the name of Rasulullah’s صلى الله عليه وسلم beloved and dearest daughter?
  8. Who was the first muazzin of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم?
  9. Name any creation of Allah that gives us egg?
  10. Who was the first man and prophet of Allah?

Each of them were given a paper to write down their answers and by the grace of Allah the quiz winner was “Big sister”.
Little princess too wanted to participate in quiz session though she was out of age group. Her answer says that there are lot of pages in my Quran, It was for the question that was asked “how many surahs are there in the quran” LOL.

The quiz session ended up by giving gift for the winner and the other kids. Finally we had our nutritious refreshments with variety of fruits, Alhamdulillah.

Jazakallah Umm Bareerah for all your efforts and organizing this wonderful day who was insisting me to do this program.

Also I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the presence of Umm Haani, Umm Haajar and Umm Hamdh for making our program blessed by being the wives of Great scholars of our community as well as others.

I cannot end up this post of mine without expressing my gratitude to my respected midwifery teacher who mentored and guided me on how to conduct programs by opening up our minds and inspiring the imaginations.

And finally thanks for all fathers for taking care of the little ones.

May Allah shower his mercy upon us and help us to raise our kids in a way that pleases him and accept our efforts!

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    Alhamdulillah it was also my dream and Jazakallah to you for making it special and a great refreshment by your presentation.

    Thought of writing a post about the workshop, but you have written it beautifully and well said, not only you could inspire some hearts by your speech but also have the talent by writing ;)

    Looking forward for another program for our workshop *smile*