Sunday, July 27, 2014

0 Eid Cards 1435 (2014)

Alhamdulillah, we are almost at the final days of this blessed month. Hoping the rewards from Almighty for all our little deeds we did as he is generous and merciful….

As usual the kids prepared their cards for pen pals wishing for a happy and blessed Eid. We had tried different designs for last two years and this time was a different style most of the stuff was done by big sister and I helped the little ones to complete their cards. 

Above one was done by Big sister
Little Princess’s lovely flower card 

Cute masjid card is for our little soldier’s pen pal. The little boy is fond of masaajids and he wanted to make a masjid design card .May Allah keep him attached to the masjid until the last breath!

And this was done finally for another pen pal of our Big sister,

Wish you all Happy Eid and at the same time we shouldn’t forget our brothers and sisters in Palestine and other places as well… The least we can do is include them and their families in our duas.

May Allah accept the striving of the Mujaahideens and give high rank for the Shuhadaaas! Make us among those who adhere totally to the command of Almighty Allah!

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