Sunday, February 15, 2015

1 Vehicle Activity

Curious, naughty, cute tantrums… what does all these interpret. Mama, I need your attention! My 4 year old was throwing out all of these behaviors. May be he is the only little soldier in our house in the midst of three girls.

I didn’t want to point out his mischievousness, rather I worked with him. Talking, and asking about his interests. As he really loves vehicles, especially cars, we did some activities that he really enjoyed Alhamdulillah.
This is a road project we made using Bristol board and black construction paper. He was so happy and made a masjid with his wooden blocks.
You can see little soldier driving his cute blue car to the masjid. LOL …

Then we played this fun game. The little boy has to park his vehicles in the correct number I announce. This really helps to recognize numbers that they are confused with. Little soldier is confused with numbers like 21 & 12 so, this activity was great.
Next comes car track painting. He moved the car wheels back and forth in a plate of paint and rolled the cars along the sketch paper which made colorful tracks on paper.
 Sorry, I usually don’t get to take pics step by step.
 Vehicle collections from magazines and newspapers to keep the little boy occupied. 

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  1. Nice collection to have with the kids.

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