Wednesday, October 14, 2015

0 New Grade - Muharram 1437

Subhanallah, as we enter into another new hijri year, I’m really astonished how the days and years pass so swiftly and how rapidly the little ones grow Masha Allah…
As usual kids were actively preparing for their new grades academically. Although each & every day is a learning adventure for a homeschooler the upgrading of new grade is a joy and grants them a sort of enthusiasm in their learning.
Our new brilliant student for this year is our Little sister who is the youngest at home, quite advanced and petted by all of us.

 It is so fascinating to see how she is warmly welcomed by her siblings. This beautiful Arabic alphabet chart was done by her elder sisters.
And the English alphabet is for our little soldier done by Big sister.

Finally our gorgeous journal for the year was designed by dear hubby Alhamdulillah.
Ah, ha, it is not an easy task unless by the help of Allah. Shaythan comes in different angles to corrupt our minds. But one thing to remember is that which I listened from one of the lectures of Moulana Mufthi Ismail Menk “Spending time with children is a form of Ibadah and is one of the actions of Ambiya.

Our only desire is that our children love the Rabb of the universe with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and adhere to his commands at all times.

Today we live in a global village, bombarded with fitnas from all corners. We pray to Allah for a humble offspring who are going to be steadfast in this Deen and spread it across the globe Insha Allah.

May Allah accept our efforts and guide us on the straight path!

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