Wednesday, November 25, 2015

0 Fun with MEP Math

Masha Allah, It is so delighted to see kids being active and enthusiastic during this lesson, having fun with various stuff. I thought of saving the pictures of this sweet memories of their mess time. Also I would like to mention how it works great.

The MEP MATH is a well-organized program which provides:
  • Mental work; Pupils should count and carry out operations mentally.
  • Board work; Pupils are encouraged to come to the board to show a solution, convey an idea, etc.
  • Oral work; Pupils are encouraged to use correct mathematical terms and should get used to reading aloud mathematical statements correctly.
  • Demonstration; where the pupils should work with manual aids (number cards, strips, dominoes, items from their collection etc.).
Finally it ends up with discussions on their thought processes, what they wrote down etc.
Here are some of the shots of our classroom activities:

The number strips and the number rods in different colors. (Done by Big sister)

 Using the number cards, strips, dominoes, and signs to work on sums.

Showing that each shape is in four versions: 2 sizes and each size in 2 colors

The dominoes and number cards were given by one of our cousins which she made during her Montessori course. Jazakallah, A great help and very useful!

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