Tuesday, November 22, 2016

0 Arabic Alphabet Craft (2)

Oh, didn’t get to post quite for long a time. Routines and styles of homeschoolers vary depending on age and need of our children. Anyway, learning happens at all stages of life in different styles and modes.

Yes, today I’m here with the lovely Arabic alphabet crafts of our cute girl, which she completed months ago and I couldn’t post it, yep.

Alhamdulillah, I’m so glad that Allah تعالى blessed me with the opportunity of teaching his words for all my 4 kids. “DEEP SIGH”. I’m hoping the acceptance and reward from the Almighty and pray that my progeny be among the bearers of the Qur’an and that let our life and death be in accordance to the honorable words of my Beloved Lord.

Indeed, teaching the book of Allah تعالى for children is a priceless investment for parents even after their death. Creating love and passion in the heart of a child for learning is a great tool for success in getting him into it without tantrums.

So, this is what we did for our Little Sister for her to remember each alphabet. Most of the times she wanted them to do by herself, so I couldn’t be perfect and neat on top level ;). We used whatever materials were available at the moment and the focus was making her familiar with the letters.
 (click on the image for larger view)

Hey, finally we ended the alphabets with the handprint of our cute girl.

May Allah تعالى bless and use these little hands for the service of his Deen!

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