Sunday, April 17, 2016

0 Weekend Activities With Abi

Each day is different from the other. The weather was charm and all were feeling drowsy waking up late. Kids were working with Hubby while I was busy preparing meals.
Oh! Masha Allah, they came up with this beautiful popsicle jewelry chest. Popsicle are fantastic for many activities. They look cute and beautiful.
Abi helped them to assemble the popsicle together using hot glue gun and Big sister did the painting and the decorating part.
Hey, here is a cute cottage for our Little Sister.
Abi didn’t forget to fix a birdhouse for our little girl.
Finally, comes the bridge built for our Little Soldier. Building bridge structures are great for kids to learn physical science like force and motion etc.…
Our first popsicle bridge passed the weight test of 22 kg. Oops! We missed to take a shot.

Update: This Sunday was for Little Princess, Oh! it came out pretty well though it took quite a longtime
They really look pretty and is an interesting activity for kids to spend time quietly. Hoping to make more exciting stuff Insha Allah.

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