Monday, June 27, 2016

3 Ramadan 1437 update...

Happy Ramadan Mubarak for everyone and at the same time sympathy for families affected by the flood and other disasters. May Allah grant them better than what they missed and reunite in Jannah the souls that were lost!

Alhamdulillah, for granting us this great month once again in our lives whilst So many from our families and friends are not with us today. May Allah forgive them, and grant us and our families the ability to do the best to purify our souls and reap the blessings of this special month!

Islam is a beautiful religion where the person is rewarded as he intends for a good and it is multiplied when the action takes place, as we all know every action is judged by our intention.

The time is passing so swiftly by the will of Allah and we have to be vigilant on how we spend our time. As this month being the month of Quran we planned to spend most of our time in reading, memorizing, and learning the meaning of some chapters of the Quran.

This year I let them write down their own plan to make it more confident for them.
The Ramadan reminder is to save my energy from repeating the same thing ;)

Then comes the Ramadan tracker for Little Soldier and Alhamdulillah he fasted for two days and by the will of Allah he started vomiting accompanied by diarrhea on the third day. So, he couldn’t fast any more as he was feeling very weak.

This chart is to create a competition between the sisters in recitation of the Quran. AA stands for big Sister and Fa is little Princess.

Three rows are to complete the Quran thrice and it has to be ticked after the completion of each Juz. Oh, little Sister ticked a whole row without any of us seeing, maybe to boost her sister’s enthusiasm.
It depends on how each of them do. Completion of Quran more than three times is Voila!

I cannot end up this post of mine without mentioning about a wonderful YouTube channel of Sheikh Fahad Alkandari (Link) which is so fascinating and we enjoy as a family together in every Ramadan which really made me feel ashamed of the link that we have between us and the Quran being born Muslims. Subhanallah! It is all about how the miraculous book of Allah changed the hearts of each one.

It brings goosebumps when listening to the stories of brothers and sisters on how they ponder over each ayah. Also most of the converts start their Dawah once they got to know the reality of faith, and Masha Allah now they are being the cause for so many of others enter into this pure religion of Islam, like Dr, Bilal Philips, Sheikh Nu’man Ali khan, Yusuf Este and many others. 

May Allah keep all of us steadfast in the true faith!

I really regret for not being able to understand the beautiful language of the book of Allah, while the brothers and sisters who convert into Islam are able to understand it.

Indeed, it made me open up my mind in either way to try to learn the language of the Quran to understand and enjoy the recitation rather than merely ending up each chapter. Surely, there is a huge difference between the recitation with understanding to some extent and without.
Alhamdulillah, we were discussing the last chapter of the Quran and Masha Allah it was so interesting to read it and my little boy is so curious in learning.

This was something that he made on Sura Fil , Ikhlas and Falaq.

May Allah accept us and grant us the ability to purify our souls in order to get closer to Him and gain His pleasure in all aspects of our life!


  1. Assalamu Alaikum
    Mashallah I envy you all, you'll are having a great and productive time. I'm loss for words here. I hope the kids are reaching the Ramadan goals. Plz Sis include my family in your special Duas (and for me lots)"sob".

  2. Wa Alaykum Salam sister,

    There is nothing like you feel. It is something small we do for the sake of Allah as for the Amanath he has blessed us.
    We pray for acceptance from Him for our deeds! Hope you too include us in your duas.
    wish you a Happy Eid!