Sunday, July 3, 2016

0 Eid Cards 1437 (2016)

Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone in advance! Subhanallah, the days are passing so swiftly and we are almost at the end of this blessed month. We pray that all our deeds may be accepted and our souls be purified!

Making Eid cards have been a part of enjoyment for us since a few years. Sending and receiving greetings creates love between each other and especially the collections of the greetings brings a sort of joy even years letter.

Alhamdulillah, now Big sister is able to design her own and help her siblings as well which is a great relief for me to save my time.

Here come our cards
Oh, finally our Little sister’s pretty little card. This is her first card for her pen pal. What a lovely feeling!
 May these friendships open up the path to help each other for the truth!

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